What are Embers and Ash?

Embers and Ash are our virtual currencies. You can currently only get Embers by depositing skins on the SKIN OGRE skin exchange and converting Ogre Coins in to Embers. They can also be transferred back to SKIN OGRE for withdrawal. Ash is a play money currency which can be infinitely restored once you reach zero of it. It is there as a way for people to feel the thrill of betting without actually having the risk of losing anything. Those who are barred from betting using Embers due to their local laws can use Ash for betting.

How do I bet using skins?

Go to SKIN OGRE and deposit skins. Convert the Ogre Coins you get in to Embers on their transfer page.

How do levels work?

You gain levels by getting XP. Each level is harder to reach than the last. Here's a few ways to get XP: — Win bets with Embers to get 100% of the winnings back as XP. — Deposit items on SKIN OGRE to get 100% of the Ogre Coins you receive back as XP. Check your profile for seeing how much is needed to level up. You also gain a new icon every few levels. Here's a few examples!

What are the fees?

SKIN DRAGON has no fees and has no house cut. All of the wagers of a match are returned to the players, minus a very small amount of pennies due to rounding decimal winnings down.

Can I get free coins?

You can receive free coins here.

How do I play the Dragon Wheel?

Simply choose the currency and amount you wish to wager and then click on one of the four colors. The count-down will begin as soon as the first person enters the round. When the count-down ends, the wheel will spin and whatever color it lands on is the winner. Wagers that did not win will be collected and wagers that won will be distributed to the winners. Maximum per bet for each color, from left to right, is 10000, 7500, 5000, and 2000. You can bet on any combination of colors at the same time. There is no minimum wager.

Do you do giveaways?

We do. Check our Twitter, Facebook, and Steam group for announcements.

What are some of the chat features?

The chat supports /commands, a few markup tags like [b]bold[/b] and [i]italics[/i], and emotes. You can display your balance and other stats. Type /help in chat for a full list of chat commands. When your name is @Mention'd, it will appear in orange text like: @Your Name You can also send private messages to people by clicking on the empty space next to their name or by using /to steamid64. Full disclosure: private messages are logged and all staff can see them if they wanted to. Do not use PMs as a way to harass other users or to send sensitive data.

I have another question!

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